In the market for 20 years we are a creative mind company with great experience and knowledge in advising individuals and Companies in their innovative projects and personal image by being transparent with quality and agility. We work in complete partnership with our clients’ realization and execution of their projects to offer their best brand experience and reach recognition in the market. With our objective solutions and strategic branding work we will enhance and strengthen your personal style and brand from design to final product.
We help you to do the best of you!


Our mission is to awaken and highlight the potential of people and brands through creation of innovative and unique designs. Making ideas and the ideas of our customers come true.


Our main desire is that, the world of fashion industry, businesses, and the people who are involved with it be in total synergy to meet the needs of all in a sustainable manner for the entire production chain become a reference to resolve our customers demand effectively, agile, and assertive.


Spirit of Server and helpful
Passion in transform.



Patricia Oliveira, Italian and Brazilian, graduated in Fashion Design with a specialization in Life Coaching, Image Coaching, New businesses and Entrepreneurship, accumulates 20 years of solid experience in the area. Among her major qualifications included: Santa Marcelina College, London Image Institute, Holos Institute and Getúlio Vargas College. Fashion designer, Coach, Entrepreneur, Photographer by hobby, and passionate for visual  coordination and people. She was only 17, in the family’s clothing factory her career in fashion started by creating and designing clothes then shoes and ended up complete collections with significant results in the company’s revenue.

In parallel during 9 years served as producer, fashion stylist and coordinator in fashion editorials for magazines of Folha de São Paulo newspaper where she met the retail consumer market of Brazil.
Specialized in creation and development of products to private labels. Assisting large factories of clothes and shoes, magazines, retail customers and high fashion customers in Brazil and Europe.

Leading STUDIO TUTZY since founded in 2002 her creativity added to strategic work with private label companies sparked the passion in developing people through Personal Brand Also acts as a volunteer spreading Personal Brand values and fashion to local communities. Talks, workshops for companies and groups about the relevance of Personal Brand and her life purpose throughout the country.